Trump growls at Corona and the media – Biden usually says the exact opposite. But what exactly do the two opponents of the US presidency stand for? An overview.

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Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s promises ahead of the November 3 election can actually be reduced to a simple formula: the president promises even more from previous Trump policies – and his challenger usually the opposite. A look at the positions on major political issues:

The corona pandemic

The positions of the candidates can hardly differ on the dominant issue for the election campaign and for the US as a whole. Donald Trump continues to say in his daily campaign speeches that they will soon be exaggerated. He relies on the rapid spread of vaccines and drugs such as remdesivir and the Regeneron antibody cocktail, with which he himself was treated like a Covid 19 patient.

Experts warn that such a course could lead to high mortality rates: the vaccines should not be available to everyone in sufficient quantities until spring, the Regeneron drug is still experimental. Meanwhile, Biden aims to achieve the widest possible use of masks by then. He can hardly legally prescribe this nationally, but he hopes to convince the governors. Biden is also planning more testing and an expansion of mask production in the US.

It’s the economy, stupid!

Trump claims to have created “the largest economy in history”, including through lower taxes. “We’ve made America rich again,” he said, citing a surge in stock prices while many Americans still have two or three jobs to make ends meet. Trump promises further tax breaks for a second term.

Biden, on the other hand, promises to ask particularly high-income citizens and companies to pay. “Anyone who makes less than $ 400,000 (about $ 342,000) a year won’t pay a cent more,” Biden promises. The corporate tax, which has been lowered by Trump, is increased from 21 to 28 percent.

The question of health insurance for everyone

Republicans have been fighting for years to undo President Barack Obama’s health care reform, which gave about 20 million Americans health insurance, but higher payments in some cases. Trump is constantly promising his own health plan, which will be better and cheaper than the “terrible Obamacare” – but still hasn’t presented it.

Now is the time to come if the Supreme Court reverses Obama’s reform in the coming year. Meanwhile, Biden has announced plans to expand Obamacare, especially for low-income people.

Is There Structural Racism in the US?

Popular with African Americans, Biden says very clearly that US racism is entrenched in the institutions. He wanted to counter this with a police reform and better economic conditions for blacks.

Trump, on the other hand, systematically denies racism in the US – and condemns the protest movement “Black Lives Matter” as a “socialist, Marxist organization.” At the same time, his government stopped training against ethnic prejudice as “radical indoctrination”. Trump wants to promote “patriotic education” to “teach children to love our country.”

Leave the climate accord – and Biden’s role back

On a White House list of more than 50 achievements, Trump believes he has stepped out of the “job-destroying” Paris climate deal. In the event of an election victory, Biden has announced that he will re-involve the US in the deal. In the candidates’ second TV duel, the Democrat also said he wanted to move the country out of fossil fuel dependence in the long term and instead rely more on renewables – words that give him votes in strong oil states. and gas industry. could cost.

Trump advertises on his hit list that oil production has reached a record high. His government extended the ban on offshore drilling around Florida, but at the same time allowed production in an Alaska wildlife refuge. Trump says the US has the cleanest water and the purest air. Fact checkers deny that. About the California wildfires, Trump said he thinks the climate will cool again, “science doesn’t know everything.” Trump faced the charge of not knowing the difference between weather and climate.

Isolationism or Multilateralism?

Trump canceled the nuclear deal with Iran, intensified confrontation with China, withdrew from UNESCO and the World Health Organization, and tightened relations with NATO allies. This is the course Trump wants to pursue – and Biden would reverse it.

Among his foreign policy achievements, Trump counts the decimation of the “Islamic State” (IS) terrorist militia, the far-reaching withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and Afghanistan – and that there was no war with North Korea. At the same time, these are all sticking points that President Biden would inherit.

What will happen to the immigrant state of America?

Trump began pledging to stop illegal immigration at the border with Mexico four years ago with a border fence. This is still under construction. There are still big plans for a second term: Trump wants to end his predecessor Barack Obama’s DACA program to legalize migrants who came to the United States as children – and expel millions of immigrants from the country. Nor has he had any success in cracking down on cities that refuse to search for illegally entered migrants – this is still on the agenda.

In contrast, Biden’s plan is to open the way to citizenship for more undocumented migrants living in the United States.

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