Will Boris Johnson anticipate Brexit in time to wait for the results of the American elections? With Biden as president, who referred to Johnson as a “physical and emotional Trump clone,” it would be uncomfortable for Johnson.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has denied claims that he would postpone negotiations on a Brexit trade pact with the EU until the US elections. President Donald Trump is a supporter of Brexit and described the exit from the EU as a “miraculous thing”. However, his democratic challenger Joe Biden is more attached to the European Union. To speculate that he would only announce a possible no-deal Brexit if Trump became president again, Johnson said Monday, “These are two very different things.”

He is pleased that both parties are back at the same table in the Brexit negotiations. “We will see what the talks bring,” the Prime Minister told reporters on a visit to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading, west of London.

His comments mainly related to a report from the Observer over the weekend, according to which Johnson reportedly wanted to wait for the results of the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 3. If Trump wins the election, Johnson would immediately sign a trade deal between the US and the UK – an important point if Brexit is to be a success.

The fact is, however, that if Trump were re-elected, Johnson would face the wind in his Brexit course – a no-deal Brexit if necessary. The US president has emerged several times as a “fan” of Brexit, promising the British a “phenomenal” trade deal with the US. Biden, on the other hand, was critical of Johnson’s plans to leave the EU. He made it clear in September: if he is elected and Britain jeopardizes peace between Ireland and Northern Ireland with its Brexit plans, there will be no trade deal with the US.

Brexit would not be a priority for US President Biden

Plus, Johnson and Trump got along very well at their previous gatherings and call each other friends. With US President Biden, Johnson should start from scratch in building relationships and shouldn’t expect as much understanding and goodwill as Trump.

In addition, it is to be expected that, as president, Biden will first try to regain the lost confidence of Europeans – especially Germany and France – in the US as a reliable partner. Support for the concerns of the British could very quickly become less important to a Biden government.

Biden once described Johnson as a “physical and emotional Trump clone” in December 2019. The talks between a US President Biden and Johnson should not be easy under these circumstances.

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