Many questions remain unanswered after the terrorist attack in the center of Vienna. This is known so far about the attack – and about the perpetrator.

After a terrorist attack on Monday evening in the center of Vienna, a large-scale police operation continues. An overview of what we know so far – and what we don’t know:

That is known about the deed

  • The terrorist attack has taken place a few hours before the partial lock starts in Austria. The first shots were fired at the main synagogue in a Viennese nightlife area around 8 p.m. on Monday evening.
  • Police said there were six different crime scenes, including the Seitenstettengasse, the Morzinplatz, the Meat market and the Farmers Market. One of the places is near the synagogue. The inner city of Vienna was then temporarily unreachable by public transport. There were no buses or trains to destinations in the historic core of the two million metropolis.
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  • Armed with one Assault rifle, pistol and machete as well as one Explosive belt doll one man shot into the crowd and arbitrarily jailed. At least one man was fatally killed on a sidewalk.
  • Overall were at least four passers-by killed, and one perpetrator was shot by police. Many more than a dozen people were injured, seven of them life-threatening, according to the Austrian news agency APA.
  • According to the current state of knowledge possibly other perpetrators on the run. However, this is not certain, said Home Secretary Nehammer. About 1,000 officials are on duty.

We know that from the background of the crime

  • At least one person was responsible for the attack, according to Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer Islamist terrorists. The killer was a sympathizer of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia, Nehammer said.

That’s how the investigation works

  • After the attack, several houses were searched and the house of the perpetrator was found burst open. Several people have been arrestedsaid the police. According to the Interior Ministry, 1,000 officials have been deployed in Vienna.

What we don’t know

  • The identities of the four victims and the previously known perpetrator are still there not published been.
  • Police and Ministry of the Interior go from one political background from. However, it is unclear whether the shooter who was killed had accomplices. “We cannot rule out the possibility that there are other perpetrators at the moment,” said the interior minister.
  • Despite its connection to the terrorist militia IS, the specific motive for the act is as little known as a confession or video.
  • Did the Archer want to spread panic in the popular nightlife area or did he choose the synagogue as his destination?
  • According to the chairman of the Israelite Kultusgemeinde, Oskar Deutsch, both the synagogue and the office building were at the same address at the time of the first recordings out of order and closed.
Used sources:

  • News agencies Reuters, dpa, AFP

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