US President Donald Trump is not accustomed to wearing masks to protect against coronovirus. He even provoked his rival Joe Biden to wear a mask. However, on 2 October, Trump himself tweeted that he had been attacked by Corona. On the other hand, the next presidential election of the United States is scheduled to take place on 3 November. Naturally, Trump’s election campaign is likely to suffer little damage due to the Corona attack. This may affect the overall political situation in the country.

Just a week before the attack, Trump advised Americans not to worry too much about Corona. In his words, ‘coronovirus actually affects almost all except the elderly and cardiac patients’. Within a week of such remarks, Corona was identified in Trump’s body and is elderly himself. Not only her, but also the test result of First Lady Melania Trump’s Kovid-19 is positive.

In the United States, just 32 days before the presidential election, it is important to note the seriousness of the incident. Trump should be in quarantine now. There should be treatment. He has no chance of going to the polls. The second television debate between the two presidential candidates in two weeks is also under question.

After testing positive for the Kovid-19 test by President Trump and Melania Trump, there are now questions about Vice President Mike Pence. Because he has been seen quite close to Trump in the last few days.

If Trump falls seriously ill, what will happen to his campaign? What will be the effect of his illness in the election? What if he is unable to perform his duties? What if Corona of Vice President Mike Pence is also identified? Is the US facing a constitutional crisis in these events just one month before the election?

Between the presidential election campaigns, with only 32 days before the vote, the news rocked not only the United States but the entire world. World leaders have already sent greeting messages to President Trump.

With this news, there has been a huge backlash in the stock market around the world. Because it has created uncertainty not only about the current US administration, but also about the upcoming US election.

Japan’s Nikkei stock index fell 0.7 percent. In Europe, all major stock market indices in London, Frankfurt and Paris began to fall as soon as trade started. Analysts expect a similar trend in the US Dow Jones, Nasdaq and SNP.

In the midst of the coronovirus epidemic, President Trump is concerned from the beginning about the normal course of events and the large-scale electoral rallies.

The BBC’s North America correspondent John Soppel says that the contract that Coronovirus has signed with President Trump is a surprising event and not surprising. It is therefore surprising news that, despite all measures to surround the President, he was attacked. Because the unusual security zone built around the US President is unique all over the world. Those who surround him are routinely tested for coronavirus.

John Soppel says that it is no surprise that President Trump has become infected with the virus. Because they have seen considerable reluctance among White House staff, especially the West Wing, to regulate coronoviruses. Very few people in the White House’s West Wing wear masks except for the Secret Service.

What will happen to the election campaign?

There is no doubt that the news of Trump’s Corona identity dramatically changed the US presidential election campaign. After this incident, President Trump must close his election rallies. He cannot do everything as before. His advisors are also accepting the issue. Donald Trump was to attend an election rally in Orlando on Friday night. Wisconsin to go this weekend. Trump no longer has the opportunity to attend these rallies in person.

A second televised debate between President Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden is scheduled to take place in two weeks. The rules of the debate are being changed after criticism of how chaotic the first debate was. But the fate of this debate now depends on where Trump’s physical condition is.

An adviser to Trump has indicated that in quarantine the president may participate in virtual debates rather than face-to-face debates.

Who will get the political benefit of being attacked by Trump?

Political analysts say the answer to this question depends on President Trump’s physical condition. If he is asymptomatic, ie if he does not have severe symptoms of coronovirus infection, then Trump will probably try to say again that coronovirus is not as severe. Then, if he falls seriously ill, he may benefit politically. There may be a wave of sympathy towards him, as happened when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was hospitalized with Coronavirus.

Opposition groups called for a boycott of the rally, but President Trump was not immediately available for comment. President Trump has completely ignored the warnings that Coronovirus experts have called. In many cases, there are allegations of misinformation.

In the midst of this epidemic, he held large election rallies. Regularly attended various events at the White House Rose Garden. Now, if people in Trump’s opposition camp try to say that the president is suffering the consequences of his actions, Republicans can use it as an example of the “heartlessness and opportunism” of the opposition.

This incident would bring Coronavirus back to the center of controversy. It could hurt President Trump politically, or vice versa. The proponents of his case are working to make the actual copy of this statement available online.

US political analyst Eric Hamm told the BBC that both could happen. Most people want President Trump, the First Lady, and all victims to recover. But it is important to remember that President Trump was the largest source of misinformation about coronaviruses in the United States. ‘

Trump has made several comments about this corona, beginning with injecting bleach into his body. That reckless president is now infected with the virus. So it can go against him. But in the end, what if he fails to do his job?

Trump’s physician in the White House, he is quite optimistic. He feels that the President can continue his work without any interruption. But keep in mind that the situation can change rapidly within a few days of being infected with coronovirus. Symptoms begin to become apparent. Many became seriously ill.

Donald Trump is 74 years old. According to the latest report by a White House physician, he is physically obese, which means he is overweight. Trump falls into the category of those considered to be at high risk of contracting coronovirus. If it is unable to perform its duties then it is clearly stated in the US Constitution.

The BBC’s John Soppel in North America says that the 25th amendment to the US constitution states that if the president is handicapped due to illness, the vice president will hold office. So if President Trump has anything to do with it, then Vice President Mike Pence will have to replace him. So he has to be ready. If such a situation arises, he may have to serve as President for a short period of time.

This section of the 25th amendment states that if the President is unable to perform his duties, he may temporarily transfer his powers to the Vice President. When you are able to perform your duties again, you can reclaim this power. But if Vice President Mike Pence is also unable to serve, then House Speaker Nancy Pelosi queues to serve as President under the Constitution. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi has also gone into isolation as a precautionary measure.

Nancy Pelosi is from the opposition Democratic Party. So for him to go to power means that the president’s power will go from Republicans to Democrats. Imagining such a situation earlier this year, the Washington Post wrote: “Any attempt by Trump and Pence to transfer power to Pelosi will certainly pose a number of legal and political challenges.” When there is a great need for political stability in the United States, this event will create more chaos there. ‘Source: BBC

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