When will Lionel Messi break his silence?

Barcelona (dpa) – The Spanish sports newspaper “Marca” knew no limits in the rankings anymore. “The football planet is dependent on Messi,” the newspaper wrote.

The tenor from Argentina is not much different: “The world is watching Barcelona.” But the one who revolves everything remains silent and makes everyone wait and speculate. On his estate in Castelldefels, southwest of Barcelona, ​​33-year-old Lionel Messi and his family still seem to be thinking about what to do. “Marca” has already listed the pros and cons. Some media reported that Messi still feels good about ending his contract unilaterally under a clause and even leaving the club free of charge.

What Messi does not want, however, is an ugly or even dirty departure from the club where he grew into a six-time world footballer. Messi doesn’t want to go to court with the club who accepted him when he was 13, which he should do if both he and the club insist on their positions. Those responsible for the association, in turn, emphasized that the clause has long expired. It’s said it was supposed to go into effect on June 10. As a result of the corona pandemic, according to Messi, there is a possibility of postponement, such as at the end of the season.

It has now been reported from Italy that the Argentina superstar could even block a move of strike partner Luis Suárez to Juventus Turin. According to the report “Corriere dello Sport”, Messi wants to ensure that his friend from Uruguay also has a future with the Catalans if he stays with FC Barcelona.

To be precise, Father Jorge Messi is said to have made it clear during a conversation with club boss Josep Maria Bartomeu that Suárez was essential if Messi decided not to leave. Messi Senior hadn’t ruled out that option either. He had met his son in Castelldefels on Thursday and was driving back to Barcelona, ​​20 kilometers away, about an hour and a half later.

Messi’s teammates, and more recently Philippe Coutinho after his lease to FC Bayern Munich, have already resumed preparations for the new season. Messi is still boycotting training under new coach Ronald Koeman.

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