Where the Bundesliga can be seen on TV in the new season

Berlin (dpa) – Keeping an overview of Bundesliga coverage on screen is not easy.

The last media contract for the season starting September 18 was signed just under three weeks ago due to the corona unrest at the end of last season. The internet provider DAZN is again one of the main Bundesliga broadcasters for football fans.

Where can I get live football at no extra cost?

Bayern against Schalke will not only run on the paid streaming service DAZN on Friday, but also on ZDF. The opening game on free-to-air television is an exception, as football fans can only watch a few live games at no extra charge. The second may show only two point games – one game each on the 17th and 18th matchday. Only in the 2021/22 season will there be some more games at no extra cost.

Who shows the most live games?

Sky continues to offer the widest selection of Premier League games. The previous market leader in the field of payments broadcasts almost all matches on Saturdays and most matches on Sundays (3.30pm / 6pm). In addition, Sky offers the conferences on Saturdays and on match days during the English weeks. Only next season there will be fewer games on Sky.

What does DAZN show?

After legal disputes, the streaming service DAZN is back with the broadcasters of the Bundesliga. The paid internet provider broadcasts with a new sub-license from the American group Discovery, whose special broadcaster Eurosport showed the Bundesliga live for only two seasons. The DAZN package contains a total of 45 games. At the heart of this are 28 Bundesliga games on Friday and five on Sunday and Monday.

Due to the Corona schedule, DAZN will broadcast Mönchengladbach against Wolfsburg on matchday four and Hertha BSC against Borussia Dortmund on matchday eight on Saturday evening. There is no separate Amazon offering like in the last games of last season.

Where are the summaries?

ARD’s “Sportschau” shows the first Bundesliga photos at no extra charge. This includes the 1st and 2nd competition. Further summaries with the first photos of the late Saturday game are available on ZDF in the “Current Sports Studio”. The highlights of the Sunday games run in the 3rd programs.

What other channels have a free Bundesliga offer?

The niche broadcaster Nitro, which belongs to the RTL group, is the only one that can show photos of all games without additional payment. Because Nitro can also show scenes from the first class and second class matches on Monday from 11 p.m. The free-to-air news channel Sky News shows the highlights of the 2nd division on Friday evenings from 10.30 pm and on Sundays from 7.30 pm. The special interest channel Sport1 is allowed to show highlights of the first and second division matches on Friday and Saturday between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m.

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