Several senior White House officials have begun to leave Donald Trump’s office as signs of his departure become clear from the US presidential election. Even some officials in Trump’s campaign camp are moving away from him. US-based news agency CNN gave this information in a report on Friday quoting a White House source.

The report said that with the current state of the vote, Trump’s chances of re-election in Pennsylvania and Georgia are diminishing. In such a situation, the president has already distanced himself from some senior White House officials and some campaign officials.

One of Trump’s advisers said he had no hope of running for president. He told CNN that Trump’s statement at the White House on Thursday was a lie. Following the incident, several White House officials expressed their concern to their department heads about Trump’s next action.

What will Trump do next in the current situation? In response to such a question, the advisor said, “God knows best.”

Trump campaign adviser Matt Morgan said the election is not over. “The confusion that Biden’s victory is based on the results of the four states is far from the truth,” he said in a statement.

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