US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are in quarantine after being infected with coronovirus. White House doctors said they are fine and hope that Trump will be able to fulfill his duties. But discussion has begun as to who will serve as US president if he is unable to do so due to illness.

According to live coverage of the American newspaper The Guardian, under US hierarchy law, if Trump fails to do so, Vice President Mike Pence will take over.

According to the report, Pence also came into contact with Trump. Trump and Pence were spotted at the White House’s Rose Garden together on Monday. As a result, it is feared that he may also be infected with coronavirus.

If Mike Pence fails to perform his duties due to illness, this responsibility will remain with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi under the US Constitution.

But in May, White House press secretary Kaliyah Macani said the administration was not making any preparations to assume Pelosi’s post.

On Thursday, Trump’s close aide was diagnosed with Corona and the couple was diagnosed with a Corona infection when they went into quarantine. “We will overcome this situation together,” Trump said on Twitter, announcing the results of the Corona positive test.

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