The number of infections in Germany is at a new record high. Now a board member of Eintracht Frankfurt would have tested positive. Fredie Bobic would be quarantined.

The board members of Eintracht Frankfurt did not come to the game in Wolfsburg. According to the newspaper “Bild”, the soccer bosses around Fredi Bobic are in quarantine. A member is said to have tested positive for the corona virus.

The CFO is said to be Oliver Frankenbach. He was in contact with sports director Fredi Bobic and marketing director Axel Hellmann. However, both would have passed a negative test. But just in case, the entire board of directors of Eintracht went into quarantine at home.

A spokesman for Eintracht confirmed the “Bild”: “It is purely as a precaution that the entire board has not traveled to Wolfsburg. Basically, however, the following applies: we have a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to Corona and do not want to endanger anyone. . “

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