The British government has recently taken steps to relax the conditions of work permits and student visas leaving millions of unemployed. Analysts see the relaxation of visa requirements as a step towards increasing British government revenues. He says that people who come to the UK on various visas will spend a large part of their income on various things, including visa fees and taxes. The point-based visa system is being updated on a regular basis, following a strategy to get a large part of its earnings back into the hands of the British government.

Britain is now in the throes of Brexit and Corona. Currently 15 lakh 20 thousand people are unemployed. Between June and August this year alone, more than 1.5 million people lost their jobs. Unemployment has reached its highest level in the last 11 years since 2009. According to the latest figures from the country’s Office of National Statistics (ONS), the UK unemployment rate is at its highest level in three years. The unemployment rate has increased to 4 in August. 5 percent which is 4.1 percent higher than the previous three months. All indicators of the British economy are rising.

As a welfare state, Britain is providing various financial benefits, including unemployment benefits to millions of people who have lost their jobs in their home country since Corona’s inception. Current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to legalize more than half a million unspecified migrants, including around one lakh unspecified Bangladeshis living in the country during his tenure as Mayor of London and most recently in July 2019. However, Boris Johnson’s government has taken steps to relax new work permit visa requirements and bring in new tax workers. So it has now become clear that the government has no plans to legalize unspecified people. This is because apart from providing legal employment opportunities to over six million people, the UK does not have employment opportunities for new overseas workers. The reality is that even after the Corona period, after a potential no-deal Brexit, the job market and economy are more likely to have a negative turn rather than an emergency.

This is what analysts say

Millions of British citizens are unemployed. In addition, the government could have given legitimacy to those without legal documents if they needed workers. Toad has long experience working in this country. And even though the documents are not correct, they are working in secret in this country. But the government is being denied tax for that reason, which is NIA money. Leaving these people behind and bringing in new people is seen by critics as a step to increase the government’s income and overcome the recession. The work permit visa does not require any educational qualification. In English only, you have to pass the B1 (B1) test of primary skills. He has to be hired by a company or organization.

In recent times, whenever the UK has faced a financial crisis, the government has eased the terms of student and work permit visas and made it easier for people to come. The government directly benefits visa applicants through various fees. Subsequently, in the visa renewal process in the UK, applicants paid large sums of money to the government at various stages. College Surrey has been the largest contributor to the tuition fees of foreign students, the second largest college in the world.

Now published in London, former Secretary, Professor. “Britain’s economy is in a bad state,” Renu Lutfa told the Bengali Tribune on Sunday. The government says that it will take all possible steps to increase revenue. The main reason for relaxing the terms of work permits or student visas is the increase in government income.

Even in the case of work permit visas, many are forced to pay government taxes, even if they do not meet the minimum income requirements set by the government, hoping to remain in the country legally. Such incidents have been observed all the time in the past. The same work permit has been sold to more than one person, and the company has been cheated to close after bringing people on a work permit.

Ahmed Bakht Chaudhary Ratan, a study adviser, head of a study advisor, said: Now that IELTS has been made compulsory, such deception has been stopped. Previously there were many fake colleges, which were called Visa Colleges, but now UKBA is closing them. However, the situation has become more complex overall. The pound has depreciated against the rupee. Now those who want to come on student visas should not be tempted by their glamorous advertisements and they should understand everything. ‘

The treasurer of the UK Bangla Press Club, Saidul Islam, once visited the UK on a student visa. He said that even in 2006 or later, the government granted student visa facility. On the other hand, they started making arrests through the UK Border Agency. As part of the government’s strategy, immigration raids begin to catch criminals whose visas have expired or are in breach. In protest against the arrests, thousands of Bangladeshi students had to return home destitute in the past without completing their education.

Immigration consultant and artist Biplab Kumar Poddar was asked about the prospects of people whose visas have expired before coming back to the country and returned with new work permits. He said that in case of overstayers, the chances of not getting a visa are high. Violation of immigration laws to stay in the country after the expiry of the visa. In addition, once a backward country leaves, it will lose the benefits of survival. “Those who really want to study, Britain basically wants to welcome them,” he said.

According to various British organizations, thousands of migrant workers in the UK are currently expected to study BIPA in a point-based visa system introduced in January. A recent study at Oxford University found that many working key workers would not be able to meet the new conditions for a UK work visa. Rehana Azam, secretary of Britain’s National Union of General and Municipal Workers (GMB), said that it would be impossible to meet the terms of the new immigration bill in many countries currently operating in the country.

In such a situation, there is still uncertainty about the position of new employees.

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