Amnesty International has announced the closure of its operations in India. The UK-based human rights group claims that the “retaliatory behavior” of the country’s central government has forced them to take such a decision. He has also accused the Indian government of ‘witch hunting’. However, the Indian government did not respond. This information has been revealed by the British media BBC report.

The concept of ‘Concept Witch Hunting’ came in the context of European reality. Between the 12th and 16th centuries, thousands of innocent people (especially women) were killed under the guise of ‘witches’. There was no need to provide any proof for this. Christian priests of the day preached that by practicing magic and witchcraft, they controlled everything, even the weather! And this propaganda was the basis of murder.

Amnesty International says that all their bank accounts in India have been confiscated. That is why they are forced to keep workers in that country. All expeditions and research are closed. “We are facing an unprecedented situation in India,” Rajat Khosla, the organization’s senior director of research, advocacy and policy, told the BBC. Amnesty International India has faced systematic attacks, threats and harassment from the Indian government.

Amnesty claims that he has been the target of retaliation by the Indian government many times. In August 2016, a treason case was filed against Amnesty India. It was then alleged that anti-India slogans were raised at a function of the organization. The court ordered to drop the charges after three years. In October 2016, the Enforcement Directorate of India’s Financial Fraud Investigation Agency raided Amnesty’s office in Bangalore. Amnesty’s account was also seized. The organization was later able to recover it through court intervention. In early 2019, the organization said, the country’s income tax department had sent letters to several of its donors. Later that year Amnesty’s office was raided again. However, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) initiated the action on the basis of a case filed by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs.

In a report released last month, Amnesty claimed that the police violated human rights during the Hindu-Muslim riots in the capital Delhi in February. However, in an interview with The Hindu, the Delhi Police described the charge as “unbalanced, biased and malicious”. Amnesty International called for the release of all political prisoners, activists and journalists in early August on the first anniversary of the elevation of special status to Kashmir. He called on the government to resume high-speed internet services.

Rajat Khosla said, “All these are hindering our human rights activities. The government does not want to answer the questions that we are raising in the investigation. Whether it is a question of the Delhi riots or the silence of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Earlier in 2009, Amnesty’s activities in India were also discontinued. It was closed after the organization refused to license it with funding from abroad. At that time the Congress party was in power in India. The current BJP government in the country had earlier said that it was investigating Amnesty International for violations of foreign funding laws. Khosla referred to this as a completely false accusation. “Amnesty India is governed by all obligations under national and international law,” he said.

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