How does it feel when something is upside down in the lungs? Ask the people returning from the last door of the corona. They will be able to give a good answer. Currently, healthy people cannot say how important this organ is except the affected people.

Why is lung damage?

Toxic substances in cigarette smoke increase lung inflammation, damage the elasticity of the air sac and damage the lung structure. A cigarette butt contains about 4,000 different chemicals. Smoking damages the alveoli of the lungs and darkens them. This alveoli is an important part of the transfer of oxygen to human bloodstream. The corona virus causes extra-damaged cells to accumulate, but that the alveolin is damaged (but it happens quickly). On the other hand, the inner wall of the lungs has hairy cilia so that no harmful particles remain inside the lungs. As a result of smoking, the cilia become numb and dust accumulates in the lungs. Water can also accumulate in the smoker’s lungs. Doctors can identify it by looking at the X-ray report.


Coronaviruses can cause a lot of damage to our lungs. When our immune system becomes very active as a result of the virus entering the body, large amounts of water fill the airways in the lungs, namely alveoli. Then pneumonia occurs and it is difficult to breathe. Infection with the corona destroys the soft parts of the lungs and causes lesions called pulmonary fibrosis. This causes the lung tissue to thicken and the air sac in the lungs fails. It also makes breathing difficult. Even in the future, there is a risk of increasing lung complications.

And the reason

1. Environmental pollution causes damage to the lungs. Dust all around, the black smoke of the vehicle causes swelling in the lungs. The lungs can also be affected by various household items.

2. Some medical conditions also cause damage to the lungs. Such as: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pulmonary Vasculitis, Polymyositis / Dermatomyositis etc.

3. Treatment of some diseases can also cause lung cancer. Such as: chemotherapy, radiation therapy etc.

4. Consumption of alcohol causes swelling in the lungs and increases the risk of pneumonia.


1. Do regular breathing exercises. Take physiotherapy as advised by the doctor. Because a survey will show that many of us have not learned to breathe properly.

2. To keep the lungs healthy, you need to eat foods rich in vitamins A, C, E (beta carotene and carotenoids), omega-3 fatty acids, sodium, selenium, magnesium.

3. Regular yoga increases lung function.

4. Quit smoking, there is no alternative. You can’t even go around a smoker.

5. Don’t even say alcohol.

. Use a mask while going out. Not only this, no harmful particles will be found inside.

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