Napa Valley is a world-renowned wine region in northern California. A new major fire has already destroyed 4,500 acres of land there – the flames have gotten out of control.

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Meanwhile, the gigantic California wildfires and wildfires are also causing serious damage to the world-famous Napa Valley wine region. Several vineyards were eaten by the flames, and tens of thousands of people in the region fled the fire on Monday. The fire was fueled by strong winds at speeds of up to about 90 kilometers per hour.

The “Glass Fire” that broke out in Northern California’s Napa Valley on Sunday destroyed the famous Chateau Boswell winery and parts of the Castello di Amorosa winery. Other wineries were threatened by the flames.

About 4,500 acres of land in the Napa Valley was destroyed by the “glass fire” Monday, firefighters said. The fire is spreading at a dangerous rate and is nowhere under control. More than a thousand firefighters were deployed in the Napa Valley.

Tens of thousands have to leave the region

Police say three people in the administrative district of Shasta were killed in the “Zogg Fire” about 200 miles to the north. This great fire also broke out on Sunday. In the “Zogg Fire” and “Glass Fire” areas, a total of more than 35,000 residents were ordered by authorities to leave their apartments and houses and to safety.

Another big fire called “Shady Fire” raged in Sonoma, which is directly adjacent to the Napa Valley. 4,500 residents of a retirement home were taken to safe locations in official cars in the middle of the night.

Forest fires are being fueled by global warming

Three years ago, devastating bush and bush fires struck Napa Valley and Sonoma counties, killing 44 people and destroying thousands of buildings. In the most densely populated state of the US, major fires have been raging for several months this year.

Scientists believe that global warming is partly responsible for the forest and wildfires in the western United States, which have been increasing for years. According to them, the drought in the vegetation is increasing significantly due to global warming, which is conducive to the rapid spread of the flames. However, US President Donald Trump recently questioned climate change on a visit to California – not for the first time.

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