Donald Trump does not want to acknowledge Joe Biden’s election victory. But the Democrat is beginning to prepare to take over the government. The corona crisis has top priority.

“Ready from day one” – that’s the promise of newly elected US President Joe Biden’s new website. And before he officially takes office, the Democrat wants to strike in: he wants to present a council of experts on Monday to contain the corona pandemic. His goal is to launch an action plan to overcome the Corona crisis on the day of his inauguration on January 20. “I want everyone to know, we will get our plan to get the virus under control on our first day,” Biden said Saturday evening (local time) in his victory address in his hometown of Wilmington.

The expert council should have dual leadership, Biden’s spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield told NBC News Sunday. It should therefore be led by Vivek Murthy and David Kessler. Murthy was the chief health officer of the United States government from 2014 to 2017, and Kessler previously headed the FDA’s Food and Drug Administration. They have been advising on the pandemic since March, Bedingfield said.

The pandemic and economic fallout from the Corona crisis are probably the biggest challenge facing Biden at the start of his tenure. Biden has promised voters to listen to scientific recommendations to contain the pandemic. Without beating the virus, “we cannot restore the economy, regain momentum or enjoy life’s best moments,” Biden said Saturday. All generations of a family should be able to meet again, birthday parties and weddings should be possible again, Biden asked. He will “spare no effort or dedication,” Biden promised.

An average of about 100,000 new corona cases per day

The pandemic continues to get completely out of control in the United States, a country of about 330 million people. Authorities there recently reported an average of about 100,000 new infections per day. According to data from the University of Johns Hopkins, there have been 9.9 million confirmed infections and more than 237,000 related deaths in the US since the start of the pandemic. Biden blames Trump for total failure in connection with the pandemic and blames him for the deaths of thousands of Americans.

US media reported that Biden’s team is already planning a series of rulings on other policy areas that the president plans to sign immediately after he is sworn in. Among other things, he would like to destroy some of Trump’s strict immigration rules and bring about a return to the international climate protection agreement in Paris, as the “New York Times” reported.

74-year-old Biden was declared the winner of Tuesday’s election by the US media after a slow vote count on Saturday. Incumbent President Donald Trump will continue to rule until January 20. However, Republican Trump opposes his being voted from office after just one term and accuses the Democrats of electoral fraud – without providing any solid evidence. With the help of his lawyers, Trump hopes to avoid his defeat. However, the chance of success is extremely low.

Many congratulations to the Democratic duo

Despite the dispute over the election results, many heads of state and government have already congratulated Biden, including Chancellor Angela Merkel and one of Trump’s closest allies to date, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The lone surviving Republican ex-president George W. Bush also congratulated Biden.

Merkel wants to make a statement on the outcome of the American elections in the Federal Chancellery in Berlin on Monday (10.45 am). Merkel had already congratulated Biden on the weekend, but did not comment on the sitting president’s behavior.

In the US, it is common for presidential elections to be decided based on predictions from major media houses – usually on election night. The official results sometimes come much later. Because of the corona pandemic, millions of Americans had voted by letter this year, which took longer to count the votes. The American president is only indirectly elected by the people. The votes of the voters decide the composition of the electoral college, which then elects the president in December.

The number of votes continued in different states. Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina and Alaska have not yet seen a winner. The first three states will probably go to Biden relatively safely, the last to Trump.

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