Inconsistent Republican candidates and President Donald Trump may declare themselves winners of the November 3 election if there is a sense of “ahead”. The British media has expressed this apprehension by quoting a report published on the news portal Axios on Saturday. However, Trump denied the allegations.

Trump has told those close to him; If there is a hint of ‘stay ahead’ on Tuesday night, he will declare himself the winner before the official result is declared. Axios said the report was based on three sources who heard the ruling president’s comments.

According to the report, many states will start counting votes after the November 3 election. Again, some important states will start counting votes after 3 November. In such a situation, it may take a few days for the final result of the election to come. But Trump wants to declare himself the winner on election night.

Trump has described the Axis report as baseless. However, he confirmed that he would try to complete the count as soon as possible after the vote. He told reporters in North Carolina on Sunday that it was not appropriate to wait too long for the results after the vote.

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