It is doubtful whether President and Republican candidate Donald Trump will accept defeat in the upcoming elections. On the one hand, the Republican leader is showing an unproven argument that the vote may be rigged. And his supporters are accepting his arguments as true. Analyzing the statements of Trump and his allies, US media NBC News reported that Trump is indicating that he will not give up.

Many people in the United States cannot vote in person because elections are on weekdays. Some people have trouble voting because they stay away from work. To ensure the democratic rights of all such people, voting in the country There is a provision to send ballot by post. Again, this vote can be given physically. According to the US Election Project at the University of Florida, more than half of the total voters exercised their voting rights in the 2016 election. Trump has repeatedly claimed that the more mail-in votes, the more fraudulent the election will be. However, Trump could not produce any evidence to support his claim.

On Wednesday (October 26) he attended a rally in Arizona, known as Battleground State. He stated that his confession was obtained through torture and his confession was obtained through torture. Supporters at the rally agreed with Trump’s demands. Trump also said he feared the election would be rigged.

Speaking to supporters at Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Trump said: “The big problem for us is whether they are cheating those ballots. That is my only concern.”

The same thing is echoing in the voices of Trump’s colleagues. “I think it’s a complete vote fraud,” said Tammy Belier, operations manager for Waddell, Arizona. There is a lot of fraud taking place. Boiler confidently claimed that Trump would win both popular and electoral votes. Don’t look at how crowded Trump’s rally is. Not so with Joe Biden.

Experts say fraud is rare in US elections.

Meanwhile, Democratic leaders fear that Trump will not accept the result if Trump loses the election. Opponent Joe Biden also said that this is his biggest fear. But Biden says he will accept Trump if he wins the election.

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