Trump supporters spread conspiracy theories about the US election during protests against Joe Biden’s victory. They believe that the number of votes was incorrect. This is what the defeated incumbent party claims.

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Cheers and dancing on the one hand, anger and conspiracy theories on the other: While supporters of the American Democrats celebrate their candidate’s victory in the US presidential election in many major cities, elsewhere angry supporters of the defeated Donald Trump take to the streets. . In Phoenix, Arizona, Trump fans are reiterating the Republican’s unproven claim that vote counts were systematically defrauded.

Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered outside the Phoenix Capitol on Friday. Many of them wear red baseball caps to show their support for the president, some even have their dogs dressed in Trump shirts. Banners have inscriptions such as: “Stop the theft”. On election night, Trump had insinuated that the opposition Democrats wanted to “steal” his election victory; ever since, the president has refused to acknowledge his defeat.

She wants to fight “peacefully” for Trump, says 51-year-old life coach Shannon Morris: “Trump fought for our country and I will fight for him.” 77-year-old Donna McCollum complains that Biden’s election victory was proclaimed too early. “The decision is taken in the electoral college,” she emphasizes. The vote has not yet taken place. In addition, there is “a lot of fraud”. The election must be “fully” repeated or the votes must be re-counted.

Voters decide on the results of the elections

The US electoral system does not provide for direct election of the president by the people, but by a college of voters. The 538 voters will vote on December 14. The United States Constitution does not require voters to vote based on the results of the elections in their respective state. As a rule, however, the members of the college adhere to the vote of the voters. Only 180 voters left between 1796 and 2016. This has never changed the outcome of the presidential election.

Trump supporters are also taking to the streets against alleged electoral fraud in the state of Pennsylvania, which Biden had recaptured from Republicans, securing election victory. However, the protest there is much smaller than in Arizona – only about 40 Trump supporters gather in front of a conference center in the metropolis of Philadelphia that has been converted into a census venue. The convention center is “the zero point of deception in these elections,” said 57-year-old Steve Padgett.

52-year-old Administrator Sophia Rotunno is confident that “our President Donald Trump would have won a fair election.” A “fair election” was prevented by the opposition Democrats. She thinks the judge should now decide on the outcome of the elections.

US elections: Trump supporters assume election fraud and protest the result. (Source: ZUMA Wire / Image Images)

Armed Biden supporters meet Trump supporters

A precarious situation arises in Atlanta, Georgia, when a group of armed Biden supporters positions themselves near a Trump support rally. However, there were no violent clashes between the two camps. It is legal to carry weapons in Georgia.

51-year-old Trump voter Huff Croxton also speaks of alleged evidence of electoral fraud. “I want everything sorted out and then we’ll see who wins. If Biden wins in a decent and fair way, I’m on the side of the media.”

There is no evidence to support Trump and his supporters’ claim that the election was fraudulent. Election observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) found no evidence of systematic problems and described the allegations as “baseless”.

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