Will Vettel’s change be official this weekend?

There is wild speculation about the future of the departing Ferrari driver. Apparently there should already be a solution today – one that could overshadow the race at Spa. The most important questions about the race.

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Formula 1 is speeding through its Corona season, the next three-pack begins: on Sunday (from 3.10 p.m. in the live ticker on Chillreport) the seventh race of the season will take place with the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa. Two Italian races in Monza and Mugello followed in the two weeks that followed.

Will the slightly upward trend continue for Sebastian Vettel in the traditional race? After seventh place in the last race in Spain, they are eagerly looking forward to how the Hessian will do in Spa. The course in Francorchamps is actually exactly the race. And there is more speculation about the future of the outgoing Ferrari driver.

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The most important questions and answers about the Belgian Grand Prix:

Who will win the Belgian Grand Prix?

The ups and downs through the Ardennes are up to the teams with a particularly strong drive – and that clearly makes Mercedes the favorite. The legendary Eau Rouge depression and subsequent Kemmel long straight make the cars race at full throttle, otherwise acceleration and top speed are the trump cards on this track. The first contender for the win is world champion Lewis Hamilton, it would be the 89th of his career – the Englishman would then miss two successes on Michael Schumacher’s record.

But: Spa is still fun. And this year you can again rely on the infamous Ardennes weather. From Friday to Sunday, and especially before the race, rain is the order of the day, which could shake things up again on the more than seven kilometers long track. And at least Valtteri Bottas in the second Mercedes and Max Verstappen in the Red Bull are also Hamilton’s challengers on a dry track.

What can Ferrari expect at Spa?

A tough weekend for Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. There have been a few recently and nothing indicates that anything will change in Belgium. Because last summer the past spa race seems infinitely distant: at that moment Leclerc was racing to his first victory in Formula 1, these were the months when Ferrari suddenly developed a strange engine power. Later, there were allegations of cheating, Ferrari converted at short notice – and this year is far behind. “It will be a lot more difficult than last year,” said Leclerc, “we are just not as competitive as in 2019.”

Vettel impressed at the final race in Barcelona with an energetic performance when he took the last out of the tires and finished in seventh place, but later heated exchanges over the radio with the pits during the race overshadowed the strong performance. Because not only is the Ferrari currently not competitive at the top, it is also rumbling between the team and Vettel again and again. The next point of contention seems almost only a matter of time.

What about Sebastian Vettel?

The hottest rumors of this race weekend are about the four-time world champion – according to a report by the Austrian “Kronenzeitung”, Sebastian Vettel will sign a contract with Aston Martin in the coming days. Accordingly, the 33-year-old will be linked to the racing team on a multi-year contract, which will take over Racing Point in 2021.

It would be great. Because even if Vettel were put in touch with the British time and time again recently, the signing of the contract would now surprise – and ultimately put an end to all speculation. Whether the secret has actually already been revealed in the Ardennes or not – Vettel himself no longer tries too hard to hide the team with which he intensively exchanges information. You don’t have to be a “genius” to come up with it, he says, “I’m looking for a solid package: it has to be a solid car that you can drive in the front. And it has to be a team that is willing to go further. to come forward. “

And with that, he pretty much described the Racing Point racing team. This year it has outgrown civil society and continues to go “front”. And next year, along with a hefty cash injection, will start as an Aston Martin factory team. The team with the pink cars can offer Vettel the perspective he wants. And Aston Martin would also land a coup by signing the 2021 four-time world champion. After all, a factory team is always an advertising medium in the first place, and a prominent face at the start of the project would be helpful.

Toto Wolff, head of Mercedes Motorsport and shareholder at Aston Martin, believes that too. “I know there are talks going on,” he recently told the Österreich newspaper: “From Aston Martin’s point of view, that would be a huge hit. Germany is the second most important market for them.”

What else is important?

At the Belgian Grand Prix, Formula 1 and the youth classes, Anthoine commemorates Hubert, who was killed in an accident in Spa-Franchorchamps a year ago. On Sunday (3.10 p.m. / Sky and RTL) there is a minute of silence before the race in top-class motorsport, just like Formula 2 on Saturday.

In the second highest formula series, on August 31, Hubert had an accident at the end of the legendary Eau Rouge on the Ardennes circuit and died at the age of just 22. Juan Manuel Correa, who was also involved in the accident, sustained serious injuries to his leg.

Hubert for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2019: The Formula 2 driver was killed in an accident in Spa a year ago. (Source: Motorsport Images / Image Images)

All race cars from Formula 1 to Formula 3 will start this weekend in Belgium with a logo in honor of Hubert. On a predominantly blue background it shows a smiling Hubert, his initials AH and his start number 19, which will never be awarded again in Formula 2.

Hubert was considered one of the “four musketeers” in the race, along with Charles Leclerc, who drives for Ferrari in Formula 1, Pierre Gasly, who plays for Alpha Tauri in motorsport, and Renault driver Esteban Ocon. Hubert was also a candidate for Formula 1. In 2018 he won the GP3 at the time. “His death shocked the entire motorsport scene,” says a video about Hubert: “He is sorely missed.”

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