Willi Lemke calls on Werder players to waive their wages

Bremen (dpa) – Willi Lemke, who has been Bremen’s manager and supervisory director for many years, has called for a new wage exemption by the Werder professionals.

“I can only support management and say, Dear players, meet the club! No one can have a serious interest in putting the club in additional hardships,” the 74-year-old told the newspaper “Bild”.

Various media outlets had previously reported that sports director Frank Baumann’s public announcement to discuss a renewed wage variance with the professionals had not been well received by the players of the financially struggling Bundesliga club. “You have to address the players and make the situation clear,” said Lemke. “A solution as before, namely handing in at least ten percent and working ten percent, I personally would find absolutely reasonable.”

If the players remain tough in the negotiations with the Bremen leadership, Lemke thinks that the pros will also be damaged. “I’m sure there is little understanding among the population if the players insist that 100 percent of their salary is paid. That would not be a nice discussion,” said Lemke.

According to its own statements, the Hanze will make a loss of about 30 million euros due to the coronavirus pandemic. The club must also take out loans for the first time in a long time. The club also announced savings in all areas. In the spring, the club could agree on a waiver with the players.

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