Microsoft regularly releases new features for Windows 10. In a trial version you can now decide how you want to use your system.

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Windows 10 users can indicate their usage preferences in a current test version. This is to adapt the operating system to the user. Microsoft writes on its blog.

The company is testing the new installation process in Insider Preview Build 20231. Users can choose from six categories during installation: gaming, family, creativity, school, entertainment, and business. However, the selection is optional, so users can skip it.

Tools are adjusted

According to Windows Insider chief Brandon LeBlanc, Microsoft should “better understand how you want to use your device and help adapt it for the desired purpose with the new feature.”

Exactly what the changes will look like is still unknown. According to the new installation window, the system will adjust “Suggestions for tools and services while setting up the device”. It is not yet known when and whether the changes will appear in future Windows versions.

Test new Windows 10 features like an insider

Windows 10 was released in July 2015 and is considered the last Windows version. At least that’s what a Microsoft developer announced at a conference in 2015. From now on, Microsoft should rely on “Windows as a Service”. This means: Windows 10 is regularly provided with new functions through upgrades so that the system remains up-to-date. Windows users can also test new features in advance, such as the new hard drive monitoring feature. To do this, you must register as a Windows Insider. How it works, read here.

Windows insiders will have earlier access to future updates, but must also grant Microsoft comprehensive access to information about their system. For example, privacy settings must be set accordingly to enable system diagnostics. And: trial versions of Windows can be unstable. Errors can cause important data to be lost. If you want to install a pre-release version of Windows on your computer, you must back up your data beforehand.

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