Winfried Kretschmann denounces “language agents”

Winfreid Kretschmann does not like the trend towards gender equality. The Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg bows herself for him “to a certain extent”.

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Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann of Baden-Württemberg is strictly against the rules of gender equality. “I don’t believe in all this exaggerated language,” said the Greens politician. “Of course we have to make sure we don’t hurt anyone in our language, and language shapes our thinking to some degree. But everyone should be able to talk as their beak has grown. ” He was against “language police officers”.

Kretschmann admitted that it was not easy for him to always mention the female form when talking about spectators or police officers. “I can’t do anything about the confusion between gender and gender, but to some extent I bow to this trend.”

Gender indicates the grammatical gender, gender the biological. Many gender equality guidelines recommend that grammatical male forms such as “teachers” should only be used for biologically male teachers.

Kretschmann defends his favorite philosopher

Kretschmann is invincible in dealing with historical models. He stays with his favorite philosopher, even though she is suspected of being racist. “Hannah Arendt was the opposite of a racist,” he emphasized. ‘The diversity of people is, as it were, the basic program of her political philosophy. Whether she had prejudices about Africans in her day is a completely different question. “

After the death of African American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in the United States in May, the racism debate also took over from Hannah Arendt (1906-1975). Because the publicist claimed that African Americans themselves are complicit in racism.

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