Former student leader of Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University, Umar Khalid, has been demanded to be released under the sedition law. In a joint statement on Thursday, they demanded the release of the student leader, who was arrested on charges of involvement in Delhi violence. The Indian media Hindustan Times reported this.

In February, 53 people were killed in communal violence in Delhi. According to the Special Branch of Delhi Police, Omar Khalid was one of the conspirators in the current violence. Omar Khalid had a direct relationship with Aam Aadmi Party councilor Tahir Hussain, one of the accused in the violence. Both of them have played an important role in the violence. Omar Khalid was accused of making inflammatory speeches during protests against the amended Citizenship Act (CAA) at the time. In that case, on 14 September, Umar Khalid was called for questioning. After 11 hours of questioning, he was arrested late night by a special cell of Delhi Police. In the charge sheet filed against Omar Khalid, the police submitted documents of 11 lakh pages.

Those seeking the release of Omar Khalid on Thursday included writers Amitabh Ghosh, Ramchandra Guha, Rajmohan Gandhi, historian Ramlila Thapar, Irfan Habib, filmmaker Anand Patwardhan, actress Karn Pathak Shah, journalist P Sainath and activist Medha Patkar. He called the police investigation against Umar Khalid a “planned witch hunt”.

“We demand the release of Omar Khalid and others who have been jailed on false charges for opposing laws such as the CAA and NRC, which do not grant equal citizenship to all,” the statement said. ” At the same time, I demand an impartial inquiry into why Delhi was shut down, or who was involved in them, to the Delhi Police, who have vowed to follow the country’s constitution.

“We promise to stand by the brave and young academic and student leader Omar Khalid, who was arrested on 14 September 2020 in Delhi in February 2020 on charges of instigating the conflict,” the statement said. Omar Khalid demanded equal citizenship for all against the citizenship law and stated what his duty was to the country. This step is also a sign of his education. “

In the wake of the arrest of Omar Khalid, human rights groups say that the police are unfairly targeting Muslims on allegations of violence. Omar Khalid has been a victim of Hindutva politics.

After his arrest, Omar was produced in a Delhi court through video conference and the judge remanded him to police custody. Additional Sessions Judge Amitabh Rawat said that necessary information about the case has been submitted to the court. Omar Khalid requires 10 days of police custody to know technical data and other matters.

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