Wolfsburg qualification in Albania – “risk area”: ​​Schmadtke criticizes Euro League schedule

Wolfsburg (dpa) – Wolfsburg sports director Jörg Schmadtke complains that professional football is increasingly faced with protective and precautionary measures during the corona pandemic.

A sign of this, he says, is that Bundesliga football club VfL will have to play a Europa League qualifying match at FK Kukesi in Albania on Thursday (8 p.m. / Sport1).

“Normally you should not consciously send anyone into a risk area. That is the case with a Europa League match in Albania. That is a risk area. And we have to go there to meet our obligations,” said the sports director of VfL in an interview with the German news agency.

At the same time, the 56-year-old emphatically welcomes the nationwide uniform scheme for the return of football fans to the stadiums. “In my opinion it is only possible with a uniform concept,” said Schmadtke. “We experienced it ourselves when we played our test match in front of 1000 fans in Magdeburg. That changes the game and the experience on the field. If one club plays for 300 spectators and another for 8000, then we have an uneven competition. So I hope the testing phase will succeed. “

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