Wolfsburg (AP) – Wolfsburg striker Wout Weghorst took the floor after a message related to the corona virus on his Instagram presence caused some irritation.

“I am very sorry if I hurt or upset someone with the two posts in my Instagram story. That was never my intention,” Weghorst said at the request of Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg.

The 28-year-old had posted a photo that said, “Imagine there is a vaccine that is so safe that you should be threatened with it – for a disease so deadly you can have it tested to know that you got it. ”Underneath, he urged people to inform themselves. Weghorst was heavily criticized on Twitter for his contribution. He later removed the photos from his story.

“I have many people in my circle of acquaintances who are infected with the corona virus and therefore I know exactly what effects this virus has and how dangerous it can be. I just wanted to show that you can deal with this, but also in general must inform as much as possible about all other topics and also listen to as many different opinions as possible ”, says Weghorst.

“As a father of two, the most important thing to me is for my children to have a safe and healthy future, and for me that means getting comprehensive information on important topics and then thinking about them before deciding how to behave. that it is the best for the future of my children. I only wanted to express that with my posts, unfortunately that did not work, ”said the Dutchman.“ When I noticed from the reactions how misleading it was and how many other people were hurt by it and felt attacked, I immediately deleted the posts. “

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