VfL professional Wout Weghorst caused a sensation with a post on social media. In it he trivializes the consequences of a corona infection. There are many professional athletes who have suffered seriously from the disease.

On Friday, Wout Weghorst (28) doubled VfL Wolfsburg for a 2-1 win against Eintracht Frankfurt. Monday morning, the Dutchman caused a stir again. However, away from the square and in a rather questionable way. Weghorst posted a slogan on his Instagram profile that downplayed an infection with the coronavirus and presented a vaccination as dangerous. “Imagine there is a vaccine that is so safe that you have to fear using it for a disease so deadly that you have to be tested to know you have it,” read his Instagram story .

Among them, he had linked an American doctor who fell in the eye on Twitter for spreading conspiracy theories about the corona pandemic, including describing the vaccine against the virus as a “murderous tool.” The story shows with several examples, such as polio or measles, how effective vaccinations can be. In addition, leading virologists have been pointing out for months that only a vaccine can be the long-term solution in the fight against the coronavirus.

In addition, downplaying the Weghorst virus is deadly. Weghorst himself has been spared an infection, but still wants to pretend it is harmless. There were several professional athletes who suffered or struggled with the effects of Covid 19’s disease.

Three examples

It’s only been a few days The professional Hee-chan Hwang from Leipzig can be heardthat he suffered badly during his infection. His trainer Julian Nagelsmann reported: “Hwang had severe symptoms, such as those that occur with a viral infection. He told me he was almost dead for the first seven days. He was not doing well.”

Hee-chan Hwang will no longer be able to play a game in the calendar year 2020 because he suffered so badly from his Covid 19 disease. (Source: opokupix / image images)

Also national players Ilkay Gundogan was hit hard: “I felt really bad for the first three or four days. I could barely move, had pain in my limbs, head and throat and a slight feeling of pressure in the chest that I had never had before.”

Ice hockey professional Janik Möser of the Grizzlys Wolfsburg appealed to his colleagues after his recovery: “With my case I want to point out to other professional and amateur athletes that they should not take corona contamination lightly. “

Weghorst’s entry has now been removed without comment and without further explanation.

Surprisingly: At the same time there is a donation link in his profile, which leads to a Dutch children’s fund for which Weghorst acts as ambassador.

A Chillreport request to the association has so far remained unanswered.

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