She rescued her children and left the Kim portraits behind: because a mother had the portraits of the former heads of state burned in a house fire in North Korea, she now faces severe punishment.

A woman from North Korea is facing a prison sentence for saving her children in a house fire instead of rescuing portraits of former heads of state Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il from the flames. This is reported by the South Korean newspaper “Daily NK”. Accordingly, the Ministry of State Security is now investigating the mother.

According to the report, the parents were not in the house when the fire started. When the parents heard the fire, the mother ran back into the house to save her children. The mother failed to save the portraits of former heads of state Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-il.

Those who save portraits of the Kim family from fires are celebrated as a hero

As the “Daily NK” reported, citing local sources, the Ministry of State Security has now launched an investigation into the woman for failure.

According to the report, any North Korean who saves portraits of the Kim family from fire is considered a hero. Anyone who fails to do so must consider legal ramifications. According to this, a young farmer was able to save the Kim portraits of another family living in the same house. The man was recently released from prison but is now celebrated as a hero for his deed. However, the mother now has to fear that she will be interned in a labor camp.

Children were burned

According to the report, the woman’s children were taken to hospital with burns. Due to ongoing investigations, the mother has not yet been allowed to visit her children, the report said. Once the investigation is over, she can take care of her children again.

There is a great cult of personality around the members of the Kim Dynasty in North Korea. It is therefore a duty for North Koreans to have photos of the deceased heads of state in their household. Any humiliation or criticism of the Kim family will be severely prosecuted and punished with severe penalties, such as internment in work or educational camps.

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