Women’s cup final: Wolfsburg wants cup record – Essen hopes for coup

Cologne (dpa) – The first ghost final in German football history rises in Cologne. Although the ranks remain empty due to the corona crisis in the game on Saturday (4:45 pm / ARD) between champion VfL Wolfsburg and Bundesliga fifth SGS Essen, expectations are high on both sides.

The essential facts of the game:

STARTING POSITION: Wolfsburg enters the game as a big favorite. The master has not yet lost all matches in all competitions this season. He also targets a record course. A win would be the sixth consecutive cup win and surpassed the previous record of 1. FFC Frankfurt, which won five times between 1999 and 2003. Until now, Essen was alone in the final. The game on May 17, 2014 was lost 0-3 to 1. FFC Frankfurt.

STAFF: Problems at both clubs are limited. Essen is only concerned about using Ramona Petzelberger due to minor hip flexor issues. “But I assume she is suitable for the final,” said coach Markus Högner. VfL misses the Icelandic Sara Gunnarsdottir, who moves to Olympique Lyon. According to information from “Bild”, Lyon refused to renew the contract with VfL by five days. The same goes for the Norwegian Kristine Minde, who moves to Trondheim. “It is a pity that they can no longer play for us,” complained coach Stephan Lerch.

IN FOCUS: Lena Oberdorf, who is only 18 years old, should be the center of attention. Finally, the international, currently considered the greatest German talent, changes from Essen to Wolfsburg. Her new club reportedly pays the midfielder a transfer fee in the high five-digit range. “We know that Lena’s physical presence is a factor,” Lerch said. Nevertheless, his team is also challenged at other levels: “We don’t just provide one player. Essen has great quality in the squad, especially in the offensive area.”


Stephan Lerch (VfL Wolfsburg coach): “It is a pity for both teams that the emotions do not come from the stands to the field. We want to crown our very strong season and win the second title. But it is a different game than in the competition, an all-or-nothing game. Anything can happen. “

Alexandra Popp (captain VfL Wolfsburg): “Nice is different. We would like to have the stadium full. But Cologne will be another special experience – even if the fans are not there.”

Markus Högner (coach of SGS Essen): “We have a big breakthrough for us in the summer. Therefore, it would be all the better if the girls would reward themselves and win the pot. We always developed young players. A cup win would highlight of such a game Development. “

Irini Ioannidou (captain of SGS Essen): “A cup win would be the best we would ever have achieved with SGS. It would have been a huge career priority, especially for the older players like me.”

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