World leaders have reacted sharply to the news that US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have contracted coronovirus. Most have wished him a speedy recovery. This information has been revealed in a report by American Media Newsweek.

Donald Trump

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, recovering from a coronovirus outbreak at the start of the epidemic, has greeted the US President and the First Lady. “He wishes President Trump and the First Lady,” she wrote on Twitter. Hopefully they will recover from coronavirus quickly.

In a quick tweet, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wished Trump a “friend”.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has also posted on Twitter and wished for a speedy recovery for Trump and Melania.

Polish Prime Minister Andrze Dube wrote on Twitter wishing the Trump duo, “The United States will successfully overcome a tough fight against Corona.”

European Council President Charles Michael wrote, “I wish Trump and Melania a quick recovery.” We all have to continue the fight against Kovid-19. Everyday. Where we are located is not the key.

Other leaders, including Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and Wales First Minister Mike Drakeford, have also called for Trump’s recovery.

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