Wednesday’s kickers match was canceled due to a positive corona test in the club. The climber has to participate on Saturday. That upsets Trainer Trares – and gives them special ideas.

Coach Bernhard Trares of the corona-troubled second division Würzburger Kickers is considering an unusual measure in his need that brings back memories of the German national team at the 1996 European Championship. Eleven and a half “fielders available, even a goalkeeper could be deployed as such, Trares said:” That’s a plan too. “

National coach Berti Vogts was forced into a similar act of desperation due to the large staff shortage when he won the title in England almost 25 years ago. At that time, field player’s jerseys had already been flocked for the final for substitutes Oliver Kahn and Oliver Reck. Both were ultimately not used against the Czech Republic.

Trares: “Must keep me from bursting”

Trares was furious with the virtual press round on Friday. “It’s not a sport, it’s political,” he growled in view of having to play with a core team and said, “I have to be very careful not to burst.”

The background to this is the positive corona test conducted by a member of the function team. The health department then ordered a quarantine for the Kickers “until further notice.” The home game against FC St. Pauli scheduled for Wednesday was therefore canceled, but four professionals have now been released from isolation. Thus, since Würzburg has the minimum number of players set by the statutes, the Trares team should appear.

“It will not be an ordinary game, that is clear”, the coach said and advocated a move: “I appeal to the common sense of those responsible.”

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