The White House is creating uncertainty about Donald Trump’s treatment – America can only wonder how the president is doing. There are strange scenes in the hospital, reports correspondent Fabian Reinbold.

In front of the military hospital there are pilgrim-like scenes where Donald Trump’s corona infection is treated. Hundreds of supporters gather there and wish the president all the best.

Chillreport correspondent Fabian Reinbold experienced the scenes on the spot shortly before the president himself paid a short visit to the fans.

Despite this scene, the president’s coronavirus disease has made much of America tremendously unsettled. “Trump and the White House are fueling the uncertainty,” explains Reinbold.

How the White House continues to spread falsehoods about the president’s treatment and condition, and how Trump’s failure is affecting the election campaign, explains Chillreport correspondent Fabian Reinbold in the video above. You can also find the article here.

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