Young people celebrate a street party in Bern – the police react rigorously

An unannounced move, with bottles thrown at the police: a street party in Bern escalated Saturday night. The agents reacted harshly.

Swiss police broke up a street party in Bern with water cannons and rubber bullets. As police announced, more than 800 mostly young people gathered in a park to the northeast of the Swiss government seat on Saturday evening. They wanted to travel to the center with a moving van with music and banners.

Since the move was not approved, the police intervened. The partially masked participants then threw stones and bottles at the police, police said. They have also erected and placed street barricades and fired fireworks. They caused, among other things, major material damage to a building.

To protect emergency services and prevent further property damage, police had used water cannons, rubber bullets and irritants after “repeated warnings,” police said. Dozens of people were reportedly checked.

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