Zverev also dominates in the 2nd set – Thiem completely from the role

The current best German tennis player is in a final of the four major tournaments for the first time. Dominic Thiem is an opponent in top form. Will it work for the hamburger with the first major title?

Today it applies to Alexander Zverev: the 23-year-old from Hamburg is the first German tennis player since Boris Becker in 1996 to win a Grand Slam tournament in the final of the US Open against Dominic Thiem from Austria. It’s THE chance for Zverev – but his buddy Thiem could also win his first major title. Who will be victorious?

Follow the game here in the live ticker.

6: 2, 5: 1 – Significant: at Zverev (almost) everything is currently working. The next burger cleaning game, and at 40:15 he is lucky enough to have a net scooter jump into the field. Thiem now serves against the loss of the 2nd set.

6: 2, 4: 1 – Incredible what Thiem is doing here. At 3.30 pm on his own service, he makes the following double foul, he has two breakballs against him. Thiem comes back to 40:40, but lets Zverev lure him and hits another forehand that’s way too long.

6: 2, 3: 1 – Zverev withdraws. Thiem has now made 13 mistakes without necessity, the German, on the other hand, plays courageously and sometimes brings a second serve at 210 km / h. His risk is rewarded. On the other hand, Thiem is already struggling, talking to himself.

Dominic Thiem doesn’t find his game yet. (Source: Reuters)

6: 2, 2: 1 – Again as strong as a bear from Zverev! A forehand winner at 30:30 and he’s already got the next break ball! Thiem then gives him the gift when his forehand goes out. What’s wrong with the Austrian?

6: 2, 1: 1 – Zverev, on the other hand, ends his service game in just under a minute, Thiem can’t do anything.

6: 2, 0: 1 – Thiem spends his service game, but with a lot, a lot of effort. He fights for more control in the rallies, makes his fourth double fault, takes advantage of a net scooter, but eventually makes the point. He clenches his fist as he goes to the couch – was that the sense of accomplishment he needed?

Summary 1st set: Zverev plays concentrated, focused, makes hardly any mistakes, gets 16 winners (Thiem only four) – and wins the 1st set well deserved. Thiem hasn’t been able to develop his powerful game yet – also because Zverev just didn’t want him.

1st part, 6: 2 – That is just strong of Zverev: he puts Thiem under pressure with his serve, but then also picks up, moves forward and forces the points. Thiem is a few meters behind the baseline and cannot free himself. Then he offers him the forehand side – and Zverev gets the first set after just 30 minutes.

1st part, 5: 2 – Zverev has also adapted well to Thiem’s ​​longline hit, bringing the balls back well. Thiem then makes a double fault, but puts an ace behind him. But Zverev remains calm and counts with a forehand winner. And: Thiem’s ​​next double fault and a warped forehand out of bounds. The next break for Zverev – now he serves to win the set.

1st part, 4: 2 – Zverev is quickly and uncompromisingly bringing his service game to zero, Thiem is already struggling to bring back the German’s hard services. Well played by the German.

1st part, 3: 2 – This is not the Thiem of the tournament so far. Only 25 percent of his first serve comes into the field, and he makes unusual mistakes. At 30:30, though, he seems to calm himself down, coming in with his forehand – but Zverev counteracts with his own forehand, is also lucky with the net edge and forces a draw. But then he warps a backhand and lets Thiem put pressure on him.

Dominic Thiem in the US Open final. (Source: dpa)Dominic Thiem in the US Open final. (Source: dpa)

1st part, 3: 1 – Zverev’s first service comes at 222 km / h. Thiem returns, but Zverev comes online and forces the points. And again sprinkles a backhand longline up to 40: 0. Clear sign towards Thiem.

1st part, 2: 1 – Thiem looks impressed, makes the first double fault at 3:15 pm and then completely distorts a forehand. Zverev gives away the first break ball, then opens the game with a backhand longline, goes online and gets the break anyway.

1st part, 1: 1 – Zverev starts his first service game with an ace and wants to set an example. A winner at 30:15, followed by two aces. Zverev is there, unlike in the semi-final against Pablo Carreno Busta.

1st set, 0: 1 – Zverev moves well in the beginning, is in the rallies and is not deterred by a Thiem ace. However, he sometimes still lacks the length in the strokes, a forehand ends up in the net twice. First point for the Austrian.

Start of the match: it starts at Arthur Ashe Stadium!

Before the match: By the way, Thiem clearly leads in a direct comparison – the Austrian won seven out of a total of nine matches and Zverev won only twice.

Before the match: By the way, Zverev is the first German in the New York final since Michael Stich in 1994. At the time, however, Andre Agassi won in three sets of 6: 1, 7: 6, 7: 5. Thiem is even the first Austrian in the final in Flushing Meadows.

Alexander Zverev on his way to court at Arthur Ashe Stadium. (Source: Reuters)Alexander Zverev on his way to court at Arthur Ashe Stadium. (Source: Reuters)

Before the match: Zverev and Thiem have just arrived at Arthur Ashe Stadium. It starts in a few minutes.

Before the match: “Sascha has to play consistently from the start and cannot let himself fluctuate,” he said Nicolas Kiefer in the run-up to the final to Chillreport. “Thiem is a player who doesn’t give presents. Sascha has to play at the limit all the time, only then he has a chance.”

Thiem only made one sentence throughout the tournament, Zverev had to fight hard more often.

Before the match: Zverev previously summarized his previous tournament in an Instagram post.

For years, there has been speculation when the first Grand Slam title could work for Zverev. Now he is as close as never before. Plus, Zverev currently looks as balanced and focused at the same time as perhaps never before. Especially after the negative headlines caused by his participation in Novak Djokovic’s controversial Adriatic tour in June, in which several players became infected with the coronavirus, the hamburger has apparently also made a comeback as an adult.

Irony: Thiem also participated in the public events, both had to be done afterwards sharp criticism plug in.

Before the match: The course of the tournament of the two finalists in a direct comparison. It becomes clear: Zverev was clearly longer on the field, often had to fight. Will that be noticeable today?

Before the match: Although it is the first grand final for “Sascha” Zverev, opponent Thiem has already been in several Grand Slam finals – but not the final of the Australian Open 2020 (4: 6, 6: 4, 6: 2, 3: 6, 4: 6 against Novak Djokovic) at the French Open 2018 (4: 6, 3: 6, 2: 6 against Rafael Nadal) and 2019 (3: 6, 7: 5, 1: 6, 1: 6 to Nadal) wanted it to work.

Nonetheless, former world-class German player Nicolas Kiefer says in an interview with Chillreport: “Thiem has an advantage.” Why – and how Zverev could do it – read here.

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